arts under the stars

Friday, 16 July 2010; what i remember about this day was that i couldn’t wait for work to end. it was Night Festival 2010 and museums like the National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Art Museum, SAM at 8Q and the Peranakan Museum are offering free admissions to their galleries till 2am. how cool right?!

the bf and myself definitely did have fun and was glad we didn’t miss it. 50d however died during the most awesome event. *groans*

i was a tad too early for the event so everything was still in the setting up process when i came.

the flea market was a disappointment. only a few stalls allocated. blerghx. so i went into the “art garden” exhibition at SAM at 8Q. there’s different galleries in different rooms. my favourite gallery has to be the one of the picture above. the others just lack movement. hah! mcm faham!

after climbing up many steps, i finally made my way to the National Museum of Singapore. saw some amazing graffiti along the way.

do you get amazed just by looking at graffiti? they simply take my breath away and made me question on what they were thinking when they drew those artsy stuffs. 🙂

the national museum’s entrance was decorated with these satellite looking thingy for a performance at night (sadly, 50d died at that point of time, so no pictures of it).

the bf finally decided to wake up from his sleep and come down to accompany me.. -________-“””!!!

we took a audio guided tour in the museum. it was looooooooong but interesting. many artifacts from the early days were displayed.

it took us two long hours to complete the whole tour! hah.

we went somewhere for dinner (which i’ll update soon!) and came back for more art!

Abusement park was okay. the queue to the dungeon was long that we gave up halfway.

the World’s Slowest SMS Billboard was interesting to look at.

Overall, the whole event was awesome! The tiredness from walking pays off. See you again Night Festival next year! (:


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