the eye of a fish

my colleague came back from HK last week and he got for me my red-white 135BC holga! yey! my madness over lomo camera grew ever since the bf gave me desiree robo 3 which he got from taiwan. the bestest thing about buying this holga in HK is that it only costs $80 and it comes with a fisheye lens! yippie!

let me warn you that every single picture you’ll see in this post would be round and in short, fish-eyed. (;

i’ll basically try to mount it on every single camera i can mount it on. even my iphone! hah.

those were random pictures i took at work today. oh, i finally found the coconut blossom that i’ve been craving for and had those for breakfast today. yummy!

the bf and myself had the famous boon lay nasi lemak power during dinner. it was long but worth it.

we ended our night after a visit to Henderson Wave.

tomorrow, will share with you a place the bf and myself chanced upon. till then, have a great weekend!


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