for the sweet tooth…

Friday, 09 July 2010; was at Kallang Leisure Park when we saw a dessert shop (prolly opened recently). it was Awfully Chocolate!

i was smiling widely and showing my puppy eyes till the bf finally said “want to try?” and jeng jeng jeng.. i was happy!

i ever visited their outlet in Vivo to grab a birthday cake for a friend but that outlet was nothing compared to this. like seriously! this outlet has cupcakes, cakes and truffles on display which basically makes you want to try them all! my oh my. thank god for the nasi lemak i had for dinner. if not…

the staffs are friendly and if you’re fickled like me, the staffs would be there to give you some recommendations. (Y)

so we had chocolate cupcake and cold poached chocolate. the cupcake was damn good and damn thick! me like. the thicker the chocolate is, the happier i’d be. =X the poached chocolate is much thicker and my advice, dont eat up all of the cream on top of it cos it’ll make you not want to eat more. (:

next visit, i’ll give the truffles and cake a try! mr flu, where are you?


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