the ‘mini’ getaway

Sunday, 4 July 2010; it was set to meet at 8 but after waiting for the usual late comers and going back home to take some stuffs i had forgotten to pack along, we left singapore at 11am.

wooo! i survived the causeway jam!

thank god for the invention of automatic cars!

the SHELL station where SG cars goes to

the other car was like still stuck in SG custom when we reached JB.. so the rest of us ended up waiting.

ready set go!

changed currency. divided money. and off we set on our roadtrip.

fuel up!

after two hours of driving and squeezing in between the jams and what nots, we arrived at kota tinggi and had nasi padang for lunch. The cockles was yummy! Slurpppp!

Kota Tinggi Waterfall Resort

30 minutes drive from Kota Tinggi, we arrive at the main destination. WATERFALL!

after changing

the last time i came here was like donkey years ago and it looked damn different!

took a risk of bringing my 50D into the water with me. the water was so cold. bf was practically shivering! lol!

back in the town

walked around Kota Tinggi before going back down to JB. Dinner at Senibong was waiting for us. (:

my take on senibong food, singgah selalu is still on the top of my list.


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