bits of my week! [iphone quality pics]

okay. random stuffs to share. bits and pieces of my week.

Singapore International Water Week

i feel like a grown up lady when i was given the chance to attend the Singapore International Water Week at Suntec Convention. it was full of businessmen.

something i've wanted to do in a very long time

this was on tuesday. right after my seminar at suntec and before dinner at fish&co.

the movie i'd go crazy for

i got this ticket on monday. no space for mr bf. psssst//edward and jacob is actually sitting beside me. (: bf came to fetch me after that though.

tuna & egg made with love

this was taken yesterday. right after work. the bf made these for me. appreciate his yummy effort. ❤

my first high cut shoe

never had a high cut shoe before. been wanting one since forever! so i’ve been searching high and low for this shoe at Limited Ed and Vault. my first love. finally found it yesterday. bought it without much thoughts. now i need to think on how to dress for the shoe. (: and i personally think i need to change the shoe lace. to brown maybe? cant wait to wear this baby out. maybe today and tomorrow! hehe.

and oh, i had my first try at gaming yesterday! and it was awesome! the bf and i tried left4dead. haha. hillarious.

have an awesome weekend people! the bf is on duty today so no activities planned for today. really hope he’ll be able to tag along tomorrow. (:


2 thoughts on “bits of my week! [iphone quality pics]

  1. fuzzygreenlights says:

    Cool shoes! I can’t wear high cut for nuts! They make my calves look bigger than they already are! Haha!


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