lets be sporty and random

Saturday, 19 June 2010; activity for the day, badminton with the bf. went to play at the neighbourhood court since the badminton courts at all CCs and Sports Complex were fully booked.Β  as per normal, his family were very welcoming and at times i wished my mom is just like his ibu. anywhoot, the bf trashed me in badminton with me loosing in all four sets. -_-“”” the last set was the worst, 21-6.

after dinner and a quick shower at his house, we took 190. the last stop left us right smack infront of Bras Basah Complex. stopped by hanis for a chocolate eclair. yums!

the whole week have been great excluding the part where i’m bruised with a dozen mosquito bites after going on a site visit to locate some bore holes. mango sales was superb too! left the store with three awesome new goodies which left my wallet a little thorn. but, shopping is good right? *convince self*

right, i shall leave you with random shots taken by the bf and myself (most of it is by the bf though as i was busy being naggy. -_-“”! that at times, i believe that the bf is already immuned to my naggings. =/) oh yes, we tried the most disgusting tasting bottled drinks which costs us 60 cents each. urgh!


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