bloated to the brim

Saturday, 12 June 2010; mr Bf, myself, nas & adib crossed over to JB to indulge ourselves with awesome delicious food! first stop was Jusco Bukit Indah (cab fare from City Square to destination was like RM$20 inclusive of toll).

A&W was just awesome. the waffle was delish! and mr bf who’s very picky on his food, ate his onions. lol!

we also had Nandos. tried the hot peri-peri sauce and boy it burns the lips! (:

mixed comments on the chicken though. for me, i find it tender n juicy. what about you?

boys will always be boys with their smoke breaks.

Singgah Selalu is a must. seafood was yummy and slurpppp…

chili crab, special sauce crab, baby squid and oatmeal prawn. slurppp!

RM$16 sheesha.. ((:

the night ended with a huge bloated tummy with what nots and a super satisfied bf who finally got his chili crab. *fingers crossed hoping he wont get allergies!*


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