when i see you, this is what i wanna do…

the boy is not back in SG but i’m already having butterflies in my tummy. the long 46 days wait would finally come to an end. yey to that! can go out on every weekends liao! (,”) now now, since i took like 3 days leave, where should we go? oh, KL have been postponed to July due to unforseen circumstances. which is actually good cos now instead of 2D1N, we can have 3D2N and prolly drop by cameron too! yippie! and that $200 GST Offset money would come in handy! but then again, how do we fit diving in our tight July schedule since fasting month is somewhere in August? =X

there’s of course the famous Singapore Flyer which i have yet to get on. but maybe we should save the ride at least until the whole marina south is up and running cos from the plan i saw at work, it’s going to be damn spectacular. but when would that be?


and there’s the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve which i’ve never been to! damn.. i sound so kental. =/ we can knock ourselves out with the long walk under the blazing sun and snap gazillion pictures. (Y)

there’s also Restoran Singgah Selalu in JB where I should really really bring the boy to. he have been craving for chili crab and huge big prawns since forever. the catch is he’s allergic to seafood. kental kan? HAHA!

how can i forget? Singapore Botanical Gardens. our favourite chillax place. you can find us here lying on our groundsheet and reading our books here almost every sunday. (:

Hort Park. yeyness! we should go there and camwhore! haha! the boy is ‘afraid‘ of heights. i’d get to see him pee in his pants if im lucky enough. *evil grin*


how can i miss Pulau Ubin! i used to go there like twice a year or prolly more. NPCC camps, cycling trips, OBSingapore, yada yada. It’s been long since i stepped there, maybe we should go thereeeeeeeee..


ohhhhh. prawning! fresh prawns.. fresh yummy BBQ-ed prawns.. nak nak nak?

and please include tanning in sentosa in our itinerary please! the last time i went tanning was like in August can?! *faints*

oh, that’s about all i can think of now, i’m sure we’ll come up with more. so, Muhammad Saifuddin, what say you?

p.s. i miss going to IKEA too. not sure why though!


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