mind over body

Saturday 29 May 2010; three words; ‘Adidas Sundown Marathon‘. if you have read my old LJ entry about my 2010 resolution, this was one of them. loosing weight by entering marathon.  the craziest idea ever.

myself and my running buddy, Pris, prepared for the marathon by going to the gym weeks before the actual day (okay, bedek, only a month). free gym that is. from fitness first to true fitness. thank god i was a previous member of california fitness. if not, you’ll see me there for the free trial too! =]

things in the race pack which was collected like a week prior to the race

alot of complains and voices of disappointment from various people on sundown’s facebook wall. i was among one of them. like seriously, i paid like close to $50 and the things i got are just junk papers i.e. brochure, massage discount, bla bla bla. with that aside, i’m still positive about the marathon as it was my first.

before the race...

i’m very thankful that Pris signed up for this too! cos my initial buddy withdrew lor! haha!

oh oh, and the sunset from changi aviation was awesome!

the race itself.

the exciting part of the whole marathon has to be the flag off and the finishing. everything in between is mind over body. i remember thinking to myself, why the hell did i put myself into this. HAHA!

(oh, the last picture if the 84km UltraMarathon and the last runner is running backwards! AWESOME!)

after the race!

completed the 10km marathon in 1hr 32mins. i’m just glad that i completed the whole thing and with the medal on my neck, i feel invincible! haha! i think i irritated Pris by repeating to her how proud i am of myself! haha!


mission accomplished! next up, Standard Chartered 10km run! Registered and paid! Anyone else going? [=

credits pictures to [HERE]

anywhoots, have a great weekend. on the bright side, the boy is coming back home soon!! woowee!

psst : i’m going to give 21km a try prolly next year, insyallah!


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