the most expensive movie ticket ever

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 ;  Nas, Zee and myself went for the Fashion Night Out thingy where we paid $18 just to watch SATC2 before anyone else! gahhhh! damn kancheong you think? the other hundred girls in the same theater beg to differ. we’re just frigging excited to see the sequel especially when the first movie was awesomely awesome. (:

$18 for a preview ticket is definitely expensive but not when it comes with a goodie bag worth over a hundred bucks, an exclusive sale at dorothy perkins (which didnt really matter actually)  and a free popcorn combo. (: yey!

this movie girls, is a must watch. bring your bestest girlfriends along! highly recommended. confirm you’ll enjoy it. i’ll give it five out of five popcorns. (:

photo collage, credits to Nas. (:


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