motion is a funny thing…

Friday, 21 May 2010 ; it was my company’s division event. some sort of a get together bonding sort of thing day. work ended 1.5 hours earlier. it was something like an unproductive day for me. haha.

our bowling event was held all the way at superbowl in Kovan. damn far i tell you. going back home was a torture!

dinner was served before hand. and seeing shitake mushroom being served, i was damn elated! haha! i’ll go mad for mushrooms! especially those big thick juicy ones like shitake.. (: mad love.

we were given windbreaker as door gift (with company’s logo and division’s name printed on them of course!). and everyone wore them the moment it was given. (: even old people gets excited at new stuffs you know! (:

no prize for guessing who’s team won.. definately moi team lor. *smile big bright grin showing teeth*

and i also won 2nd for top scoring (women’s category). it wasnt much competition i fell cos there’s only like a few of us taking part in the competing category while the rest were just on the chillax team. so not much competition uh.

that day was also coincidentally one of my SVP’s birthday. the card is major lol!

oh man, weekends already came to an end. )=
on a bright note, the boy is coming back soon. real soon. can count with fingers liao.. super excited! ((:

(photos credit to one of my colleague.. (: )


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