can you not go?

Puteh is dying. and i is sad. as much as i tell myself that its silly to be crying for a pet, i just couldnt help it.

As a cat’s body begins the process of shutting down, the animal will gradually refrain from eating and drinking. As a result, you’ll also notice a reduction in the amount of urine and feces released, and the urine will begin to take on a darker coloring.

It’s been five days since she stopped eating and drinking.

Many cats seem to become distracted during the dying process. They appear unaware of much of what is going on around them, and often will just stare into the distance at nothing in particular.

She stopped ‘meow-ing‘ and she doesnt get up when we call her. her only response is by lifting up her head and turning to look at us.

Dying can happen quickly or it can go on for hours and even days. During a prolonged death, most cat’s will spend a majority of the time in light sleep, occasionally waking up in response to what is going on around them and drifting back into sleep.

She spent most of her days lying on my bed. normally id shoo her away but nowadays, i find it comforting to see her there. still alive. )=

information credits to [HERE].


4 thoughts on “can you not go?

    • rai-ana says:

      I hope so too! I think she’s feeling a lil better cos she’s moving out of bed and eating. But her appetite like not back yet. So still nt sure what happened to her and what’s gg to happen. =[

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