Beat the sunrise [iphone quality pics]

saturday, 22May2010. Adidas Sundown Marathon 2010  racepack was collected. i was a little worried on the queue especially after reading their facebook page wall. lots of complaints on the long queue. suprisingly, everything was smooth. no queue and no misprint on my bib.

after the race pack collection, the two of us went to the gym. then met sarah for our shrek 3D date. (:

shrek wasnt bad at all. the 3D made it all better. (: i even saw a guy trying to dodge the thing “flying out” from the screen! LOL!


7 thoughts on “Beat the sunrise [iphone quality pics]

  1. yf says:

    aiyo. troublesome leh. everytime want leave comment, need type my email add. LOL.

    BTW, gambatte for your marathon k! (^.^)(V)

    • rai-ana says:

      Alamak. Don’t say like that ahh. Lol!!
      Anyways thanks! If it all goes well on this Saturday, I shall sign up for standard charted 10km too! Haha. Dare nt try the 21km. That one wait till I turn hard core. Which is like NEVER! Lol! U go train for ur 5km!! Goo!

      Oh btw, the first runner for 10km sundown is 35 minutes!!!!!! -.-“”!!

  2. yf says:

    WTH! 35mins i only run finish 5rounds lor. lols! rest well on friday ya! hurhur~
    eh i also want to join standard chartered! but i see if i can tahan 5km first not. LOLOLS! later cannot complete 5km, den malu, go join 10km. LOLS!

    • rai-ana says:

      Oh! FYI this is the first time I ran 10km. Furthest was 5km on threadmill. And that one also once lor! 10km I tool 1hr 32 min. Haha! Very slow! Come join me ahh. ((:

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