Botak’s Favourite [iphone quality pics]

Yesterday Nas, Zee & Myself had Botak’s Favourite for dinner cum supper. We were told by Zee’s friend that its located beside Al-Ameen at Woodlands. So we walked all the way there from Causeway Point and suprisingly, ITS NOT THERE! (such dumb luck we were having. we also had trouble locating Spize at Rivervalley Rd the other time.)

Thankgod for my undead iphone, we managed to source out the exact location of Botak’s Favourites. it’s at 892C Woodlands Drive 50, Coffeeshop underneath the carpark (11.30am – 10pm).

(via) The waiting time yesterday was about 45mins – 1hour.

the simple menu they had. no illustrations though.

me being a non-newspaper reader, i didnt know they were featured in the news paper. botak’s favourite is apparently the halal version of botak jones. and they only have two halal stalls located in singapore. woodlands and bedok. the heart of our malay community. so smart of them! such strategic location.

their ever disappointing Spicy Large Cheese Fries which costs us $9. it came to us cold and the cheese are those mozzarella which would clump together when its cold. so if you want cheese fries, just get those from KFC. its much nicer and cheaper too! this, i wouldnt recommend.

Nas and myself actually wanted the ribeye steak but it was OOS prolly due to the fact that it was near closing time or the overwhelming order. idk. so in the end, the three of us had the Botak Jones NZ Sirloin Steak which costs $12.90 each. it looked small but believe me its thick enough to satisfy your tummy. (: of course you can have side dishes along with it.

you readers can refer to [HERE] for another review by me. LOL! This time I brought along my 50D and ate a different kind of main course from the one at Bukit Batok!. (:


9 thoughts on “Botak’s Favourite [iphone quality pics]

    • rai-ana says:

      i didnt know about it either until nas n zee told me about it. and yes its the same as botak jones. they only opened two halal outlets; one in woodlands and another in bedok. ((:

      • Zee says:

        There’s 2 Botak in Bedok. Bedok North is Botak Jones (Non Halal – Blue and yellow signage)and Simpang Bedok is Botak’s Favourites (Halal – Green and yellow signage)

    • rai-ana says:

      Hi there! Hmm.. Unlike the one in woodlands and bedok, the other outlets i.e the one in bukit batok is not halal. Thus the reason why I didn’t go there. But according to the person who tends the shop, the long waiting time is normally on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (:

      • Zee says:

        Bt Batok at Blk 233 Ave 5 is now halal too. Just this week inspected by MUIS. U r staying in the west I guess

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