travel photography tips

the four presenter

on Saturday, 15 May 2010, Canon has organized a seminar called ‘Canon Power in Your Hands Seminar’ where four presenters would share some travel photography tips. the presenters are Rozz from 98.7FM, Pei Fel from 93.3FM, Thomas Ong who’s a mediacorp actor and Jino Lee who’s a photography expert. $10 is needed for registration. all proceeds would be donated to the adopted charities from Mediacorp.

the crowd and all

there were many who attended the seminar and goodie bags were given out. what’s in the goodie bag you may ask? a newsletter from Canon, a passport holder which i really love, some eating utencils which up till today i find weird and they also provided us with tea break. worth it? hell yeah.

tips like camera angles, when to make use of black and white pictures, the importance if taking your photos in both horizontal and vertical angle and the importance to inject information and culture in the pictures are shared during the seminar. the best thing is that it’s idiot proof! so no matter how sua-ku you are, you’ll sure be able to apply the tips shared. (:

so i sat down at starbucks, sipping on my classic cocoΒ  and studying my COP while waiting for my movie to start. The Last Song. The movie, in my opinion, didnt do justice to the book and the acting was a tad too flat. so i wouldnt recommend to you the movie. the money spent on the movie ticket is better used on the book. seriously.

one thing i love taking pictures of at night is those light trails. ❀ you just dont know what would your picture turn out into the moment you press down your shutter.

have a great week people!


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