Hard Rocking Weekend

warning : photo flooding ahead. may cause your system to slow down. dont say i didnt warn you!

the sleepovers!

Saturday, 8 May 2010. The three of us entered into Sentosa with bags filled with everything we needed for the 2D/1N stay at Hard Rock Hotel. Did i mention we’re going to visit Universal Studios Singapore too?! All these made possible because of Amy Sarah Kurian who had won the 2D/1N stay at Hard Rock Hotel and 2 passes to Universal Studios Singapore. Thank you for inviting us two yah! So now you know who love free goodies! hah!

P.S. i’ll advice you to get the tickets before hand via online ok!

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high on rides

so having the luxury of staying in the hotel, we left our bags at the concierge and headed off to USS in our tank tops and shorts! (: the only camera device we had with us was our handphone thus that explains the poor quality of the above pictures.

Hard Rock Hotel

by 2pm, we checked in and started running around the room with our cameras snapping everything that catches our eye. I seriously wanted to bring home that guitar-like toiletries holder!

We actually tapau-ed our lunch from Mel’s Drive-In which we didnt touch for like 30 minutes as we’re too engrossed with the room! the ipod dock comes in handy too! so you can boogie woogie to the tunes on your itunes.

more camwhoring

we got uber excited over our long PJ pants that we started changing into them!

Mel's Drive-In

that was the juciest burger i ever had! and its from Mel’s drive in. love love love the ambiance. really made me feel like i’m in US. my meal costs only $9 with chunky fries, delish burger and a cup of drink.

point to note : the entry tickets comes with a $10 meal voucher and a $5 souvenir voucher which you can redeem on the day itself. you can also combine the vouchers together when purchasing!

all dressed. ready for glitz and glamour

despite the drizzle, the three of us went back USS all dressed up. didnt want to waste our day in the room plus we so want to get proper pictures taken. this time, we brought along 50D. ❤

the thing about humans is that we’re either afraid the rain might kill us or that we’re allergic to the rain. like seriously. its just a drizzle and everyone headed for shelter. -.-“””!!! that explains why there’s only us in the picture with the USS globe thingy. actually, must thank the drizzle for that.

seriously got no idea on which character is that guy in the first picture with us.

people go to the souvenir shops to camwhore. practically everyone does that. oh oh! and the ‘real’ betty boop so fake lor! fake hair and small boobs.. -.-“”!! FML

you’ll find lots of back alley at the “New York” part of USS where you can camwhore. you just need some imagination and some crazy poses and you’re good to go!

Sci Fi City

as you know, the Battlestar Galactica is still not opened due to some technical fault or what have you so we only got on the Accelerator ride which is much like the tea cups ride you see at those fun fair but somehow the accelerator didnt accelerate enough and i didnt even feel drowzy lor! was expecting pris to vomit out her lunch after the ride. but nah, that didnt happen.

cannot ride doesnt mean we cannot pretend right? LOL! i’m still giggling at myself so exaggerating.

Ancient Eqypt

Ancient egypt was awesome! especially the Revenge of The Mummy ride! two thumbs up!

note that they dont allow you to carry any items in hand. even bags are not allowed. in short, no loose items. they do provide lockers for $4 (i think). the first 30 minutes use of the locker is free though. (: not recomended to those afraid of the dark! (:

wouldnt mind taking this ride again. seriously fun!

our ‘fake’ expression.. my face totally fail lor! the two said my face like want to shit.. -.-“””!!

this was the only ride we took at the Lost World and it got all of us wet. its called Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

the other rides are either too kiddish or you have to wait for a very long time.

we were lucky to get to catch the Waterworld show as they only have two show times. if you’re into action and explosives and all, this is something you shouldnt miss although im still unsure of the story line. LOL!

next up! Far Far Away!

Far Far Away

Shrek 4D Adventure was awesome! if you’re wondering what’s 4D, its actually the whole pop out of the screen 3D plus movement. basically if the character sneezes, water would splash on your face. and if the character goes on a horse ride, the chair will shake. (: awesome isnt it? i shall not spoil the story okay! but promise me you’ll try ok! hah.

Oh oh! one point to note! be prepared for lots of queue to snap pictures with your favourite characters! one character, one queue. so be geared up for tonnes of queue lines okay!


that last character is sooooo cute! he let me sit on his leg! haha.. of course the USS photographer was sucky enough that he/she took only the head. -.-“”!!

that leads us to another point, be ready for their sucky photography skills. if can, snap the pictures on your own. really. seriously.

madagascar is so fun! so colorful! it makes me so happy just by being there!

oh oh, see the last bottle? it costs $13+ and you’ll see practically everybody esp teenagers and kids carrying it around their neck. you’ll definitely be thinking, “urgh! $13 so expensive” righ? why not i share with you this little info, you can refill this bottle for just $1. yes. just $1. too bad we only know of this little fact when we’re about to leave. this bottle would seriously come in handy in hot weather!

haha! sarah caved in and bought that bottle! so we camwhored with only that one bottle.. (: that bottle totally saved us from dehydration.

went back to Mel’s Drive -In and camwhore with those antique cars outside the premises. oh man, that last picture really made me look thin hor.. haha!

more camwhoring with the characters at Hollywood. unfortunately didnt get to snap picture with Kung Fu Panda.. )= when we left USS, there was a longggg queue outside. those people are waiting to enter USS. only the Hollywood part would be opened from 7-9pm on weekends i think.


THEY HAVE A STORE FULL OF HERSHEY’S!! SO EXCITING! AND THEIR BUTTERSCOTCH THINGY IS NICEEEEE! should go visit them one day and get a pack of those. (: this is located outside USS btw so you wouldnt need tickets to enter.

back in the hotel we took a MUST HAVE PICTURE INFRONT OF ROOM DOOR, jump on bed, changed into our PJs, dance and sing and what have you. pris ended up sleeping while myself and sarah was half watching tv and mostly playing angry birds app on our iphone. by 9+ we started feeling hungry and left the hotel for St James. to conclude my experience, I’M TOO OLD FOR SUCH SCENE. really lor.

so the next morning we went to the pool! check out the sanddddd! cool kan! the pool is very big and very nice.. we even played on the slide.. ahaha… dah besar gajah pon naik slide.

so we packed our bags and checked out at 11am (actual check out time is at 12noon). so sad that our weekend holiday has come to an end. )=

so we have come to the end of my long and draggy entry. TILL WE SEE YOU SOON RESORTS WORLD! haha.


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