inked down

i'm sorry for the lack of updates. r e a l l y

two reasons for the lack of update ;

one, my thoughts and my life is all penned down at the moment (for the boy. we each have a notebook where we will write in it at the end of the day).

two, pictures from my last weekend have YET to be completely edited. i’m so distracted by the television, facebook, youtube, writing on the notebook, talking to the boy on the phone and and reading my Code of Practice on Sewerage and Sanitary Works!

so little sleep. so much to do. urgh! tuesday was the first time i question of my job. somehow the calibration work i was doing took away all the passion i had for what i was doing. believe me, i love my job and i love what im doing. i was probably sick and tired of wasting my 8 hours per day staring at the excel spreadsheet trying to make sense of the raw data we received from all the various gauges and trying to make it useful for someting. urgh. today, i finally said goodbye to that calibration work and i was never more happy! i’m moving on to C&S (civil and structural) baby! more CP (Code of Practice), calculations, flooding of emails on my office email and basically more work! woopie.. oh, i love work. i’d rather be doing work than playing on my iphone AT work. ❀


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