Candy makes me hyper! [iphone quality pics]

(I’m typing this using the wordpress iPhone application. trying something new. lets see how it goes!)

So today I had my lunch at pastamania, united square. As I was walking around (after lunch that is) in the mall, I noticed this new shop located just beside subway.

Simple decor. It’s a candy shop named “Made in Candy” and they make the candy in the shop itself so the candies on the shelves are pretty much fresh I supposed.

Was somewhat spoilt for choice. There’s different designs in the centre of the candies and colors too! So I couldn’t really decide which one. Finally settled for the resealable pack for $3.20. There are also the ones sold in jars. The most expensive is $10. So do visit them! They’re at the basement of united square right beside subway!

I’m crossing my fingers hoping that this entry would appear with pictures! *fingers crossed*


2 thoughts on “Candy makes me hyper! [iphone quality pics]

    • rai-ana says:

      and its tasty too! so tasty that my colleagues couldnt stop asking for more. -.-“”!! it tastes like your rose syrup just like the name of this particular one.

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