wherever my feet takes me…

yesterday was TGIF and with the boy million miles away, i’m left with no plans on what to do on my friday. thankfully i was inspired by a reality show called ‘the shot‘ to go on a date with 50D and snap pictures. afterall, photography is one of those things that would make me happy for hours and hours.  So, here are some of the pictures taken during my date with 50D :

construction site is good and nice and <3-ed

perspective view from an alley

these babies made me miss scrambler more! i want class 2B ahh gini!

some longkang around Sungei Road

taken at Sungei Road

at Sungei Road

@ Sungei Road

Sungei Road was somehow the hardest to take picture as there’s too much movement around and look at the crowd! sicne i was worried that people might notice me taking pictures of them, all these pictures are snapped from my hip level thus no ‘pointing towards the subject’ was done. (Y)

sim lim


Fish & Co!

after much walking, i started to feel hungry so Fish & Co was my choice. Had the New York fish and chips which in my own opinion wasnt exactly up to my liking. it was too oily. urgh! i still can taste the oil as im typing this.. =/

New York Fish and Chips

till next time Fish & Co!


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