run baby run… [iphone quality pics]

myself and pris signed up for the 5-day trial at fitness first. the most ‘posh’ & expensive yet complicated gym i’ve gone to up to date (comparing with California too!). overall was okay. if you ask me if i’d pay to be a member there, i’d say california is still much better plus its a few steps away from my office.

Aniways, here’s some picture of the magnificent view from their Fusionpolis outlet :

guess who went to the gym?! such fat legs! NEXT!

pool on the third level

it was 12 noon so there wasnt anyone swimming instead the bench was used for suntanning. good idea uuh! nevertheless, the sky roof was amazing!

the window 'decals'

the magnificent view

the magnificent view

cool shit technology

this device here is where you can plug in your earpiece and listen to one out of 8 (i think eight ahh) television on display there. the channel ranges from the normal channel 5 stuffs and those cable channels.. (:

and this smart girl didnt bring her earpiece to the gym.. very smart indeed.

banana after gym!

so after two.five hours in the gym torturing the leg by running, cycling and all, we decided to head home. such a fruitful gym session we had today!

hopefully my leg would not ache so much tomorrow. need more gym! sundown is in 28 more days!


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