chaos hits…

album description goes like this ;
50 days you’ll be away…
but once you’re back, forever and eternity awaits.. ♥

life is so going to be stagnant while you’re away. i can bet my life on that!

nas’s commented ;
50 meh? no lah only 46 days. don’t get too depressed. :p

i replied ;
46 meh? i tot its 49? HAHAHA! nvmmmm i know he’ll be back by 9th june.. hopefully tak lupa kalau tak kesian kawan tuu tunggu pat airport! hahahaha! =X

nas commented ;
25apr-25may = 31 days
26,27,28,29,30,31may = 6 days
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9june = 9 days…
31 + 6 + 9 = 46 days. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.

i replied ;
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! WTH! i supposed you have a superb sleep that ur able to do such chim calculation for me kan nas kan kan kan.. hehe.. ok lah u win lah.. 46 days lahh..

nas commented ;
aku bingit. sms tak receive. and it’s 18cents/sms and dah send 4 sms. abe sekarang tak boleh call pulak. bodoh peh taiwan. abe operator bebual cina. step aku faham jer.

and yada yada yada

and nas commented ;
aku tengah talking with adib. den i complain to him why he still cannot receive my sms when your sms is received by saifuddin den i think they were near each other so he asked.

adib : eh kau boleh sms rai eh?
saifuddin : ah ah. kenapa?
adib : asal aku maseh tak boleh receive sms from spore ah?…
saifuddin : kau sms sape? rai jugak?


Muhammad Saifuddin, why are you so slenger-ishly cute? haha. i suddenly burst out laughing the moment i read that. HAHA.


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