and so he flew

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25 April 2010 ll SQ 876 to Taipei departing at 0835. despite staying out late the day before, both of us didnt want to sleep. main reason, we’re worried that we couldnt wake up in time. who wouldnt? i reached home at 12am, yadayada and have to wake up at 0430 so how much time does it leave me to sleep? aniways, the boy fetched me at 5 and we cabbed down to his friend’s crib where a car would be sending us to T3.

the one who would only be back on the 9th.

ahh.. how much i miss him.. his irritating phrase ‘nie lontar anjing nie mampus nie‘, his favourite word ‘musolims‘ (which is a subtitute for siak abes. he’s so unvulgar. so unlike me. =/) , him strumming on his guitar while i sing to the songs i made him play.. yadayada… the boy is thorn between excitement on his first ride on the aeroplane and leaving his family behind. oh wells, duty calls and nobody should be blamed. i kept assuring him that he should have fun there and not worry so much about me being here.

pick one? nah too late.

so these were the only ones from his camp heading to Taiwan. i seriously think the boy is under-packed (not sure what is the right term for it but you get my drift right?). one pair of boots when they stated that he should bring two pairs, no sleeping bag, no personal ration.. haiz.. soooo stubborn.

no comment on the sketch

that in the picture was his attempt on drawing wolverine and elmo. macam 4 year old drawing. =X okay okay i was guilty of laughing loudly when he showed me his sketc. =/ sorry uuh Muhd Saifuddin.

MacDees Deluxe Breakfast

tempting enough for you?

since yesterday’s naan was still fresh in our tummy, we decided on sharing a meal.

still happy ayye?

of course he’s happy! cos he gets to smoke his schmelly cigg! -.-“””!!


if you’re like me, what you experience everyday would be sunset so a change of view like this is simply breath taking.. the picture turned out much better than what the naked eyes can see.

it says ; I'LL MISS YOU!

Muhd Saifuddin, you’ll definitely be missed. in fact, im already missing you..


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