our perfect last sunday

18 April 2010 ll  went to his house again. his ibu packed for us mee bee hoon for our picnic! yums! (Y)

the pleasant present

before going to ECP, we made a stop at JP to get some stuffs. the boy left me on my own for abit to get me the present. (:

it started to rain and so we seek shelter at ECP’s Coffee Bean and warmed ourselves with a cup of hot chocolate. (Y) once the wrapping was undone, a cute teddy wearing a pink tee was revealed. so cute u know! and its my favourite bear! me to you bear! [pssst! click the link and read up the story on the bear!]

okayyy we simply couldnt resist taking gazillion pictures with the bear and i even ended up taking a few pictures biting the bear’s hand.. =] heh!

the rain finally stopped and both of us went onto the beach and laid our groundsheet. lighted a few tealight candles and took out our puzzle. tried patching the picture together before giving up. instead, i laid down in his arms while we gaze into the sky. the clouds started clearing up and stars started to appear slowly.

a simple candle lit picnic by the beach is something i wanted to do in a gazillion years and im glad i did it with you. ❤


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