and we go by public!

14 April 2010 it started to rain so we headed to the boy’s house for shelter. =/ played with his nephew for abit while waiting for my clothes to dry up.

subway junkie

Subway - freshhhhh!

1 foot and 6 inch tuna.. yummy!

we started becoming subway junkie eversince i introduced subway to the boy.. (: since the boy doesnt eat veggie, he have his plain with jalapenos. (:

that little green thing on the plant!

guess what i saw on the plant? a lizard! ehehe..

ben & jerry

bought a pint of b&j and smuggled it into the theater!

we're watching REC2

if you didnt know, Rec is like a spanish/french version of Quarantine.Β  so rec2 is like the continuation. somehow i prefer Rec more than Rec 2. Rec 2 has crappy story line and not as scary and gore as Rec.

and since we went via public on that day, it was easier to walk around and not worrying about how far we have to U-turn to get the bike. (: and that gives us alot of opportunity to joke around and snap more stupid pictures.. heh.

oh yes, we got tired of walking and ended up cabbing home.. HAHAHA! =/ so much for taking the public uuh Muhd Saifuddin.


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