no passport needed…

oh yeah, did i tell you i passed my Class 3?!

hehe.. i passed my Class 3. after second attempt that is. i swear i would want to give up the whole driving idea if i fail the second time round but alhamdulillah, luck was on my side and i passed. prolly also because the TP was a malay guy. IDK. the moment i wanted to start my TP, it started to rain! i was like what the hell! the rain fogged up my side mirrors.. then i was thinking how the hell to park if the side mirror fogged up kan! my vertical was giving me problems. lucky i didnt strike a single kerb this time round! alhamdulillah. and and and my circuit has got no U-Turn. how frigging amazing is that! they boy went off camp and dropped by BBDC to give me some motivation. how awwwww is that?! okay. lets move on to what i initially wanted to blog about.

so saturday was my colleague’s wedding. my first chinese wedding and first wedding on a ‘cruise’. how do i feel? hell yeah excited.

marina south pier

one of my colleague was nice enough to ‘tompang‘ us all from Tanjong Pagar to the location itself. upon reaching the location, one of my colleague saw the cruise and claimed that it looks like a temple. =/

the groom's colleague

we snapped some group pictures before boarding. all of us were so excited. my lady engineer didnt have her lunch as a precaution in case she vomits in the cruise. LOL! thank god i didnt have to go to such extent.

cruise cruise and more cruise

they had some traditional chinese musicians playing the traditional instruments which idk what they’re called.  but it did create the amibiance and all. the bride and groom held their solemnization ceremony in the cruise itself. sadly i couldnt see what was going on as there’s a tad too much crowd surrounding them. instead, i flipped through their photo albums and gosh! hong kong is damn beautiful can? the wedding pictures turned out marvellous. here’s a suggestion, want nice wedding pictures? go hong kong! (:

desserts + food

food + desserts

next time right, when got food, dont bring Rai along.
aiyah, you just assign me to the furthest end where id be far away from the food. or better still, chain me to the chair
oh wells, i couldnt help it. the foods look delicious! (:

fire fire pants on fire

so someone knocked the lighted candle heater thingy off the table and resulted in a fire. instead of finding water etc to throw at the fire, i snapped a picture of it. that was how helpful i was. (Y)

out and out we go!

and so we went up to the deck and took in the magnificent view. not that magnificent actually since one can see cargo ships at almost every single degree.

our so called bonding session. everyone seemed happy and work was the last thing on our mind. (:

time for sunset

then came 6pm. the bestest time for photography. its like all the beauty in the world stood still for you to suck it in and take the best out of it all. (: me loves sunset.

the cruise reached the harbour at 8+ (by then i was like eager to get back on land. 4 hours on the cruise was a tad too boring and painful. LOL) and there, the boy was waiting to pick me up. (: my night didnt just end there.

sakae sushi *shakes butt*

rushed to sakae sushi. craving for my taepa yaki (is that how they spell it?!) is satisfied. (:

yum yum and more yum!

they really need to do something about the drinking cup. it gets a tad too warm for my *delicate* hands to hold it when its hot. hur hur hur…

this is the reason why sakae sushi is the best! and i had 3x tako balls just to make sure my cravings was satisfied.. (: as a matter of fact, i still can taste it in my mouth now.. its that good!

the last song

since ive been grouchy the whole week, the boy got me a story book. he wanted to suprise me with Dear John but the book was oos, so i settled with The Last Song. i’m aiming to have a whole collection of nicholas sparks’s books! and im dead serious. so two down, 13 more to go.. woo!

alright. me need to get ready for picnic later. (: more entries coming up soon! till then, have a great sunday!


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