mister golden sun…

sheesh. the weather was scoarching hot today. no sign of dark clouds but damn the sky is a tad too clear that no patches of clouds to block out the hot sun! goodness! i’m going to be so dark after today. free tanning i tell you!

the birthday cake

zanna turned 22 like a few days back and today we gathered to celebrate it. (:

birthday girl & bf

okay the right picture. helal’s face.. speechless.. LOL!

group picture ❤

we brought nasi goreng, nuggets, fish finger (i think), hotdog, garlic bread, pudding and lots of tidbits (but nobody makan!). ate lunch and lazed around before we surrendered ourselves to the mercy of the sun.

time to fly the kites. (:

my string snapped and my kite took off unsupervised. =( oh wells. it aint going home with me aniway.

group picture!

as for the other kite, we passed to helal to take care while the four of us posed for pictures! hehe..

jump shot!

the “must have” shot. a jump shot! the uneven ground made it look as though we barely jumped lor! )= bo pian cannot do anything about that.

lets lie down!

we gave up after two shots as the sun was directly in our face. damn hot i tell you!

final shot. ❤

the shot that made us all go itchy. =S

zanna, hope you had a blast. cos im sure we all did. gosh sunday is about to end! urgh. not looking forward to tomorrow like seriously.


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