almost perfect good friday

its good friday once again. god bless long weekends! (: today (or rather yesterday) would have been perfect if i wasnt running a temperature. 39.3 OhMG. the boy and myself went to town in search for a dress. we were stuck between two nice dresses from Mango but the boy decided that the long one should be sent back to the racks. ): OhWells. so the dress i purchased is white with embellishment on it. now have to resist the temptation on wanting to put it on tomorrow! yikes!

we also developed our pictures at far east. selected matte finish. yey to that! my favourite has to be the line art picture! it somehow reflects some comic strip character. hehe. $8 for 20 prints.

we would have walked all the way from orchard to suntec but since myself found a dress, we decided to go botanic and sit. (: plus by that time i was already running a temperature so picnic wasnt a bad idea afterall.


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