oh, that’s giraffe. they exist!

we're going to the zoo zoo zoo...

so it was the day. the boy’s twenty second birthday. belated that is. got the zoo pass from Zee together with her staff pass (cos apparently you need both to enter the zoo..). had lunch at McD. the drizzle didnt dampen our spirit and we proceeded with the plan. zoo during rain was great! lesser crowd. (:

we managed to catch two animal shows; elephants at work and play and splash safari. it was nice to see the boy having a great time there. (: the smile on his face was simply priceless.

we stayed till the zoo closes. covered almost every corner of the zoo. unfortunately didnt manage to see my merekats! )=

his presents were a sketchbook, an ammature attempt to paint a potrait of him and a small DIY booklet of the things we promised to do together. (: met his mom before catching a movie together. Remember Me feat Robert Patternson wasnt bad at all. the boy was laughing at me when he noticed i was tearing towards the end. LOL!


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