and the winner is….

changing appetite & bowling @ kallang leisure

our initial plan was to have ice cream at ice dream land but since the place was closed, we came up with alternative to have ice cream at island cremery and since we both failed to locate the outlet, changing appetite was our ‘last’ resort. the desserts we had was superb. (:

we then went off for bowling at kallang leisure park. $13 for two games for the two of us. we each won a set but since the gap between my score and his was more noticeable i won. hehe.. as easy as that. (:

bouganvilla park @ east coast park

we stopped by the bouganvilla park at ECP before heading to dinner. ECP hawker centre was a disappointment as my favourite BBQ chicken stall was closed. idea scrapped! halfway to simpang bedok, he decided to go Al-ameen instead. randomly met the friends and went for sheesha at Arab St. despite having 24-hrs duty the day after, he still want to tag along with me for sheesha which ended at 3am. ily for that u know!

"they say : you should know a guy is not interested in you
when he doesnt make an effort to spend time with you.
so i supposed you're interested in me uuh. (: "

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