we just didn’t want the night to end

kite flying at barrage

purchased our kites from HollandV and had our lunch at Marina Sq BK.
the sky was perfect for our marvellous plan. Kite flying. Barrage was a tad too packed that my kite line got tangled quite a number of times. damn irritating. the boy had huge difficulty getting his kite on air. when i say huge, i did mean HUGE cos his kite barely lift off the ground. LOL! when night came, we decided that we didnt want the night to end. so instead we came up with the most random plan to sheesha at arab st.

sheesha @ Al-Majlis

despite being just the two of us, he did a great job of entertaining me. i did most of the sheesha-ing. i’m such a sheesha addict i tell you! somehow Al-majlis’s  sheesha sucked cos i could barely taste the strawberry flavour. the service on the other hand was splendid. ended the night around 3am? yes? no?


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